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We all want whiter, brighter teeth.  At Hayden Dental, we use an excellent tooth whitening system called Pola Night.   This is a take-home tooth whitening system.  The gel we use is clear and spearmint-flavoured, and contains conditioners and water to reduce the sensitivity which can be associated with tooth whitening.  The gel is applied to custom-made trays (similar to a mouth guard), which you wear when you want to; at night, or any time during the day.  Your Dentist will recommend the exact product to suit your teeth and lifestyle.

Our tooth whitening package is £295 and includes your assessment, trays, bleaching kit and a post-whitening review/photos.  Additional bleach can be purchased to touch-up your whitening at a cost of £10/syringe.

What is tooth whitening?
Tooth whitening is a process known as oxidation.  Any discolorations within the tooth will be lightened.  Organic materials break down to remove staining and create a whiter brighter smile.

What causes my teeth to discolor?

There are many causes of tooth discoloration.  Some of the most common include the consumption of highly colored foods (berries) and drinks (coffee, tea, red wine).  Antibiotics at a young age, ageing, smoking and trauma can also result in discolorations.
How long will it last?

Indefinitely.  Just simply touch up your teeth a few times per year for one or two days or nights.  Without a touch up, your teeth will start to re-stain by the same things that caused them to discolor in the first place.
Is the treatment safe?

Yes.  Clinical studies have shown that bleaching with carbamide or hydrogen peroxide under the supervision of a dental professional is safe for teeth and gums.

Click HERE for more information about the Pola Whitening System.